Lay off the Cheese

CASEIN: it promotes cancerous growth.

Casein is the main element in Cheese.  Cheese is the coagulation of casein.  Casein is the name of a group of phosphoproteins found in milk.


T. Colin Campbell‘s The China Study (2005), a book about one of the largest nutritional studies ever conducted, describes a direct correlation between casein administered to rats and the promotion of cancer cell growth when exposed to carcinogens. Aflatoxin (a potent carcinogen) was administered to these rats over a 2 week dosing period. The rats were given a 1 week post-dosing period before beginning the test (promotion period). During the promotion period, one group of rats was put on a 5% casein protein diet and another group on a 20% casein protein diet. None of the rats on 5% casein protein developed foci, precursors to cancerous cell growth, and every rat on 20% casein protein developed the pre-cancer foci. It should be noted that all test groups were fed a 20% casein diet for a total of 5 weeks (2-wk acclimation, 2-wk dosing, 1-wk post-dosing) prior to the 12 week promotion period in order to survive the initial aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) dosing, regardless of whether they were in the 5% or 20% test groups.

Other studies conducted by Dr. Campbell on humans confirmed this correlation between the amount of casein protein consumed and the promotion of cancerous cell growth. Dr. Campbell claims to have found a correlation between cancer growth and the amount of casein protein in diet.A 2001 study suggests another milk protein, whey protein, but not casein, may play a protective role against colon tumors in rats.

So, basically with 20% casein consumption, Cancer is turned on.  With 5% Casein consumption, Cancer is turned off.

Here’s a link to a good resource on Casein Free foods / shopping.  Spread the word to your friends, Casein (cheese) is doing unexpected harm to your body.


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